Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Application Form and Prospectus for Teacher and Librarian

Bihar Government has been Issued the Application Forms for appointment the teachers and Librarian for primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. The application will be receive from 25.10.2008 to 15.10.2008 in Panchayat, Block Office and DSC Office of District. If you send the your Application by post then use the envelop like below here and fill-up the blanks.

Download the application form for teacher and librarian in Bihar.

For read in detail rule regulation for appointment of teachers and librarians, click on previews of Prospectus .

Application Form

Prospectus for 2nd round Appointment of Teacher and librarian in Bihar


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ajay said...

Thanks a lot for uploaded prospectus of teacher appointment 2008.I badly need of that prospectus for mention the letter no.for my service book.For this I have searched the prospectus each and every books shop in my city but didn't find.Again thanks.